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The Justice Reformers Blog from the Center for Justice Research is looking for stories and experiences involving criminal justice in America, by improving police-community interactions, understanding prosecutorial decision-making, predictive bias, incarceration, re-entry into society and other interactions involving the major criminal justice decision-points.

As a research center on the campus of Texas Southern University in Houston’s historic Third Ward, we love hearing from culturally-responsive voices and writers about the issues challenging historically disenfranchised communities. However, we publish stories on any community, from various backgrounds and professions, so long as their column or story is informative, insightful and offers solutions. We’re interested in all aspects of criminal legal system, from the East Coast to the West Coast, from the North to the South, the more local, the better.

Submissions can be first-person accounts, informative articles or opinions columns. As a research incubator, CJR’s editors and researchers enjoy stories supported by data and credible sources.

If you have a story involving America’s police agencies, court systems,attorneys, judges, alternatives to incarceration, prisons, or the reentry process, or any solutions you believe should be a part of the Justice Reformers Blog, send an email to introducing yourself and the 250-word proposal for your idea. Writers can also email CJR completed pieces if they believe their writing is ready for publication.

CJR reserves the right to edit pieces to fit the tone and style of the blog. Submissions supporting violence, racism, sexism and other inappropriate subjects will be rejected.