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Submission Guidelines

Share your voice on Criminal Injustice, Inequality and Solutions.

America’s criminal justice system needs major, structural change. It won’t change without your help.

The Center for Justice Research is interested in hearing from voices who have unique perspectives on policing, experience with the legal system, imprisonment, life after confinement and all other aspects of criminal justice. Our research includes COVID-19 and how it impacts the intersection of race and criminal justice, policing after George Floyd, and an array of other projects examining laws and prisons.

A lot of our work involves Houston since we’re part of Texas Southern University in Third Ward, but we’re interested in hearing from people anywhere, so long as they have a compelling story or column proposal. As a research and advocacy institution, we value data and the truth above all else, and will publish pieces that reflect the same. We’re looking for first-person narratives, explainers, and any other story style that conveys our interests.

If you have a story idea or column that fits our description, send a brief email to describing who you are, what your proposal includes, and why you’re the perfect person to write it. Please be sure to read our blog to make sure your story brings something fresh to our readers.