Our Research Model

Transformative. Data driven. Solutions based.

Center for Justice Research Translational Model

Our Background

  • In medicine, translational research is “the process of applying ideas, insights, and discoveries generated through basic scientific inquiry to the treatment or prevention of human disease”. Instead of human disease, CJR focuses on unjust criminal justice practices.  
  • Using translational research as a foundation, we take discovery-based science from the lab to the community.
  • Our implementation of translational research allows for interdisciplinary collaboration.

Our Approach

  • For CJR, this model is a mechanism for expanding translational research into a more meaningful endeavor that incorporates the public as stakeholders.
  • The incorporation of justice reform researchers and practitioners into the multidisciplinary teams of translational research also allows for data gathering and monitoring that can be used in the publication of primary literature to direct and guide research at all previous levels, and represents a significant move forward by seeking to actively involve stakeholders from a target population.

Our Contribution

  • The Center has helped generate an interest in the connection between science and justice reform, creating concrete application of our recommendations. 
  • Our unique approach increases awareness and involvement, making insights accessible for audiences and stakeholders.  Our work has helped reduce disparities and maintain public safety.