Welcome to the Center for Justice Research’s Reports page, where we present our findings, analyses, and policy recommendations on a range of critical issues related to criminal justice reform. Our reports are the culmination of rigorous research, data-driven insights, and collaborative efforts to shed light on pressing challenges and identify evidence-based solutions.Each report represents our commitment to advancing justice through interdisciplinary and community-engaged research. We tackle complex topics, from prosecutorial caseload standards and pretrial disparities to the impact of COVID-19 on Black mental health and the intersections of housing and criminal justice.

Our aim is to provide policymakers, practitioners, and the public with the knowledge and tools necessary to drive meaningful change.Our research team brings a diverse set of expertise and methodologies to bear on these issues, ensuring that our reports are comprehensive, nuanced, and grounded in the lived experiences of those most impacted by the criminal legal system. We also prioritize collaboration with community partners, recognizing that their insights and perspectives are essential to developing solutions that are both effective and http://equitable.In addition to presenting our findings, our reports offer concrete policy recommendations and strategies for reform. We believe that research has the power to inform and guide transformative change, and we are committed to translating our work into actionable steps toward a more just and humane criminal legal system.

We invite you to explore our reports and engage with our findings. If you have any questions or are interested in collaborating with the Center for Justice Research, please don’t hesitate to contact us. We also encourage you to visit our Projects and Public Scholarship pages to learn more about our ongoing work and other research outputs.Thank you for your interest in the Center for Justice Research’s reports. We hope that our research contributes to the urgent and necessary work of building a more equitable and just society.

Corporate Impact in the Age of Racial Equity and Justice Reform

One of America’s guiding principles is the idea of capitalism. Capitalism is one of the primary factors that enabled America to become the world’s wealthiest country.

The Need for Prosecutorial Caseload Standards

This research brief provides an overview of prosecutor office caseloads, their funding allocations and staffing differentials. We also examine any potential relationships.

Pretrial Disparity

This study examines behavioral characteristics and systematic responses that underlie the state of racial/ethnic disparities in the Harris County jail system.

Save Black Lives

This report focuses on the significant contributions of Black public defenders and researchers in promoting equitable policy solutions to address the COVID-19 pandemic within the criminal legal system.

An Analysis of Incarceration, Crime, Unemployment and Rural Spaces

This analysis examines the relationship between prison sentences for non-violent crimes and unemployment rates at both the Congressional District and State level.

The Intersections of COVID-19, Police Brutality, and Black Mental Health

The purpose examines the intersecting impact of the COVID-19 pandemic and police brutality epidemic on the mental health and well-being of Black Americans.

School Suspension Disparities

This report presents an analysis of school discipline.

Evaluation of the Dallas County Diversion Male Court

This report analyzes the predictors of new offenses and drug/alcohol usage among 144 juveniles assigned to the Diversion male Court of Dallas County Juvenile Justice Department.

Housing Disenfranchisement

This report examines existing policies regarding the connection between public housing and certain types of offenses, focusing on draft rules under consideration by the Texas Department of Housing and Community Affairs.

Advancing Criminal Justice Reform

This report provides a comprehensive overview of our suggested policy focus, activities, and the prevailing political environment during the 87th Texas Legislative session.

Restructuring Civilian Payouts for Police Misconduct

This brief examines the concerning issue of police killings in the United States and the consequential lack of accountability within law enforcement that perpetuates this trend.

Incarcerating Democracy

This brief provides an analysis of voter suppression and felony disenfranchisement