Culturally Responsive Research and Advising

Our technical advising services include

Research Design and Methodology:

  • Assistance in developing robust research designs and methodologies
  • Guidance on selecting appropriate data collection methods and tools
  • Advice on sampling strategies and power analysis
  • Support in ensuring research ethics and compliance with relevant regulations

Data Collection and Management:

  • Guidance on data collection processes and best practices
  • Assistance in developing data management plans and protocols
  • Advice on data security, privacy, and confidentiality measures
  • Support in data cleaning, coding, and preparation for analysis

Statistical Analysis and Interpretation:

  • Consultation on selecting appropriate statistical methods and models
  • Assistance in conducting complex statistical analyses and interpreting results
  • Guidance on handling missing data, outliers, and other data challenges
  • Support in ensuring the validity and reliability of findings

Cultural Responsiveness and Equity:

  • Advice on incorporating cultural responsiveness and equity considerations into research and analysis
  • Guidance on engaging diverse communities and stakeholders in the research process
  • Support in identifying and addressing potential biases and disparities in data and analysis
  • Assistance in developing culturally sensitive research instruments and protocols

Dissemination and Knowledge Translation:

  • Guidance on effectively communicating research findings to diverse audiences
  • Assistance in developing dissemination strategies and products (e.g., reports, infographics, presentations)
  • Advice on translating research into actionable recommendations and policy implications
  • Support in engaging stakeholders and facilitating knowledge exchange


Our technical advising services are tailored to meet the specific needs and goals of each client. We work collaboratively with our partners to understand their unique challenges, resources, and contexts, and provide customized guidance and support throughout the research and analysis process.

Whether you are a government agency looking to evaluate a justice-related program, a community organization seeking to understand the impact of a policy on your constituents, or a research institution aiming to conduct culturally responsive analysis, our team is here to provide the technical expertise and support you need to achieve your objectives.



To learn more about our technical advising services or to discuss your specific needs, please contact us at or call us at (713)313-6843.