Re-Entry Dashboard

Annually, more than 70,000 people return from Texas prisons, and a million individuals are cycled through Texas jails.

Research has demonstrated that within a three-year period more than 46% of state prisoners are re-arrested, and 21% are re-incarcerated.

To date, the far-reaching ramifications of unsuccessful re-entry are well documented with an increased likelihood of continued crime, victimization, and a host of emotional, fiscal and societal implications.

As full re-acclimation into society should be a guaranteed right after serving a debt to society, the Texas Southern University Center for Justice Research, with the support of January Advisors, a data science consulting firm, created this re-entry dashboard, improving improves access to rehabilitative services for the thousands of returning citizens, their families and service providers in the name of criminal desistance and improved public safety.

Created with the assistance of January Advisors. This Dashboard visualizes over 4,600 Texas Reentry Service Providers.