Gun Possession Project


Study to better understand the motivations behind gun possession among young males living in urban areas.

Training and Development

Comprehensive, inclusive, and empowering training courses tailored to individuals and agencies, ensuring professional growth and real-world skill acquisition.

HBCU Criminal Justice Research Hub

Buildings representing the area

Providing prosecutors proven solutions to mass incarceration while improving legitimacy in the criminal justice system. At the Center for Justice Research, we recognize that socioeconomic determinants of health make up many of the root causes of crime and are aggravated by interactions with the criminal legal system. Our mission is to reduce both violent crime […]

Prosecutor Diversions Study

Providing prosecutors proven solutions to mass incarceration while improving legitimacy in the criminal justice system. This project is an opportunity to give prosecutors proven solutions to challenges that incarceration have been unable to address while improving legitimacy in the criminal justice system. A multidisciplinary approach to conduct a cost-benefit analysis of multiple prosecutor offices. Assist […]

Pathways to Offense Charging: Examining Defense Decision-Making During Case Processing

Summary This study examined factors influencing defendants’ decisions to waive grand jury proceedings in favor of preliminary hearings, and how charging mechanism (grand jury vs information) affects case dismissals, deferred adjudication, and convictions. Results show race, sex, age, offense severity/type predict waiving grand jury rights. Charging mechanism also significantly predicted all case outcomes. Key Takeaways […]

Restructuring Civilian Payouts for Police Misconduct

Problem Police killings and use of excessive force occur at high rates in the U.S., with vast racial disparities in who is most impacted. This has created concerns in many communities about accountability and safety. Police officers also face dangers and stresses on the job that impact their work. Despite some reforms, the system continues […]

Banning Chokeholds

Police reform action brief with text "Banning chokeholds to end racism."

A chokehold ban will help move us further toward eliminating racially motivated police violence and reducing the historical and national tensions/distrust between minority communities and police agencies. The George Floyd Justice in Policing Act, passed by U.S. House, sets federal standards that prohibit the use of deadly force, including chokeholds, by federal officers except as […]