Academic Publications

A Descriptive Analysis of Police Shootings in Houston

Sven Smith | Robert L. Askew | Christopher J. Ferguson | Howard Henderson | Domenique Montgomery | Soyele Olumuyiwa


This study examined criminal justice students’ perceptions of and sensitivity to racism using survey data from a southwestern U.S. university. Regression analyses found male and White students had lower perceptions of racism than female and minority students. In terms of sensitivity to racism, only White male students differed significantly, being less sensitive than minority female students. The findings suggest racial bias may exist among criminal justice students.

Key Takeaways

  • Male criminal justice students had lower perceptions of racism than females.
  • White students perceived less racism than minority students.
  • White male students were less sensitive to racism than minority female students.
  • Results indicate potential for racial bias among criminal justice students.
  • Strategies like multicultural courses may improve students’ racial attitudes.